IT that delivers real value.

Matt Rohrer is a software developer and IT project manager with over a decade of experience delivering quality products that provide real business value.

Web Application Development

I have developed web applications since 1999 in a variety of languages and frameworks, including PHP with Oracle, Zope/Plone (Python) and Ruby on Rails.

I've built content management systems, tools for managing computer accounts that integrated with LDAP and Active Directory, business intellegence tools that integrated with ERP systems, and marketing email newsletter and subscription tools.

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Matt Rohrer
+45 20 41 38 43 (CET/CEST)

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Project Management & ERP

I have led teams on software development and ERP projects since 2001. I have worked with in-house teams, but most of my experience is with geographically distributed, cross-cultural development and implementation teams.

I've successfully led ERP upgrades and new implementations in eight different countries in Europe, Australia, and North America, acting as the project manager and system architect.

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IT Auditing

I can audit various aspects of your IT strategy, including your backup and disaster recovery plan, your web communications strategy, your search engine optimization strategy, and your IT staff development procedures.

Each audit report contains clear and actionable recommendations to improve the value of your IT investment.

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"I've had the outmost pleasure of working with Matt as a software architect and developer. I've been in software engineering for 20 years and I'll estimate Matt to be among the top 5% professional developers you possibly can get. Apart from creating well structured and easily maintainable code, he is fast, reliable and has a very high commitment to the project!" Pål Østerud, Founder and Owner, Admechanic
"Matt is that rare and priceless combination: someone with deep technical knowledge and skills who can also see beyond technical details to solve big picture problems and generate big picture ideas." Nathan Angell, Director for Web Communications, Portland State University
"I had the pleasure of working with Matt at Kjaer Group, where among many projects, we collaborated on re-launching the company's website, developed and launched a tailor-made fleet management system and streamlined the company's visual identity. Matt is a rare IT leader, who enables strategy fulfillment by leveraging technology. Matt's technical mastery combined with his adaptive communication style at all organizational levels made him a go-to leader at Kjaer Group." Dante Disparte, General Manager Marketing & Solutions Development / Board Member, Kjaer Group A/S
"I worked with Matt on several projects involving KOMPAN's international subsidiaries and found him to be an effective communicator, project manager and knowledgable Dynamics NAV (Navision) consultant. I recommend Matt highly and would look forward to working with him again." Per Madsen, Group Finance Director, KOMPAN
"Matt is a dedicated and reliable person with a great sense of humor. Matt is very skilled (even in fields he will claim he knows nothing about) and any project or task managed by Matt is always going in the right direction. Working with Matt was pleasure on both a professional and personal level." Kristian Legard Moritsen, IT-Manager, Kjaer Group A/S